Spain and Tunisia: A key trade relationship

We review the trade history between the two countries and its main characteristics.

Spain and Tunisia: A key trade relationship

Spain and Tunisia have enjoyed a strong and long-standing commercial relationship dating back to the Roman era. Since Tunisia gained independence in 1956, commercial relations between the two countries have intensified considerably. Spain has become one of Tunisia’s main trading partners, both in terms of exports and imports.

Spain’s exports to Tunisia are mainly concentrated in the construction, food, and chemical industries. The construction sector has been particularly important, with Spanish companies participating in large infrastructure projects in Tunisia. Food exports have also been significant, highlighting high-quality products such as olive oil and seafood. On the other hand, Tunisia has exported textile products, chemicals, agro-food products, leather goods, and crafts to Spain.

The Association Agreement between the EU and Tunisia in 1998 has allowed for the reduction of trade barriers and the opening of a new era of economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries. Despite the global economic crisis of 2008, exports and imports between Spain and Tunisia have gradually increased in recent years.

Overall, the close commercial relationship between Spain and Tunisia has allowed for the development of joint projects and job creation in both countries. For businesses looking to expand their operations in Tunisia, the market offers various opportunities. With the help of a Spanish company specialized in exports, businesses can take advantage of this relationship and explore new possibilities for growth.


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