Pakistan bans the import of more than 20 luxury goods

Pakistan bans the import of more than 20 luxury goods

Pakistan maintains its ban on the import of luxury goods. This new measure was taken on 19 May by the Minister of Commerce, Muhammad Naeem Tariq. He published a resolution of the Pakistani government which contains a long list of the specific products banned, the code of the goods and their description. A total of 22 products are listed, including: sanitary materials, cosmetics, luxury leather garments, pasta, musical instruments and tobacco, among others. Pakistan’s main imports are fuel, edible oil and pulses, which have not been affected for the moment.

The reason for this is the need to try to stabilise the economy, according to the information minister, who described the situation as an economic emergency. Currently, Pakistan’s current account deficit has spiralled out of control and its foreign exchange reserves have plummeted. All this while the Pakistani rupee has plummeted to historic lows against the US dollar. Muhammad Naeem declared that these measures would save the country a total of 6 billion euros a year.

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